What We Do….

Our unique Debt Management Service examines all factors surrounding ones finances: their assets, all loans/debts, security held by creditors, total income and expenditure and the surplus funds available to service monthly loan repayments.

We have already represented a large number of employees in the CIE Group, the LUAS, and members of the Defence Forces who have fallen into financial difficulty.

In the past, many people were granted loans and mortgages based on high levels of overtime and bonuses. This extra income may now be significantly reduced or in some cases eliminated, leaving people facing difficulties repaying these facilities through no fault of their own.


We have contacts in senior positions in the main Banks and act on our clients behalf in requesting payment breaks, interest only periods, term extensions etc. alleviating much pressure from them.

Noel O’Grady has also worked with the legal firm New Beginnings on a voluntary basis to provide financial advice to people who are in financial distress. He has also campaigned for increased regulation within the Debt Management industry.

All consultations are conducted in the strictest of confidence. To arrange a Free Consultation CLICK HERE.


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